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Kompakt kiépítésű AMORES UAS

The AMORES UAS technology contains flexibly configurable elements equally able to meet requirements of simple application areas and those of professional applications with more complex quality requirements.

Key features of the ground infrastructure:

  • AMORES and APM: Support of plane UAVs
  • AMORES antenna rotation support
  • MAVLink communication protocol support
  • real-time mission tracking, data recording, playback
  • multi-GCS, multi-UAV capability
  • multi-platform software

A compact ground infrastructure only needs a single notebook, a telemetry radio and an UAV. 

A professional system construction may contain a number of components:

  • a base station
  • one or more GCSs, even on different platforms
  • a WiFi router for integrating mobile devices
  • several UAVs
  • antenna rotator(s)
  • meteorological station

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AMORES Ground Control Station (GCS)

The task of the Ground Control System (GCS) is to create the information necessary to execute a particular mission based on the data entered by the control staff, to forward these to the mobile units with the help of the communication system, and to process, display and store the information coming from this latter, rendering it accessible for the other system components. The ground operator keeps in contact with the UAV through GCS.


  • display and setting of autopilot parameters
  • flight route planning and upload to autopilot
  • start and stopping of mission
  • real time display of telemetry data with the help of instruments, digital displays, graphs and maps
  • sending commands to autopilot
  • follow up of handshakes
  • replay of previously recorded missions

Key features:

  • multi-platform: Windows and Linux version
  • multi-UAV: more than one UAVs may be controlled at a time
  • multi-GCS: the mission may be tracked on more than one GCSs
  • MAVLink-1.0 protocol






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