Introduction of Amores Robotics Kft.

Our company’s primary objective - by using the results of the project titled “Research and development of mobile robotics technologies and products” - is the creation and sale of products and services of robotics and autonomous remote sensing devices, making contemporary everyday life more efficient through practical applications.

Unmanned aerial vehicles

Elektronikai és hardver fejlesztésCommonly known as drones, UAVs have already found dozens of uses in various sectors of industry. In certain cases...

Article on the catapult in

Elektronikai és hardver fejlesztésThis week, we reported on a drone landing atop a car, in response to which we received a mail, informing our editorial office...

On the Amores UAV systems

 Amores UAV rendszerekrőlMembers of the AMORES consortium have created an unmanned aerial vehicle system, among them researchers of the...

Agricultural ICT

 Amores UAV rendszerekrőlTogether with the Agricultural ICT Cluster, the Telecommunications Department of the Scientific Association for Infocommunications...

Drones in agriculture

 Amores UAV rendszerekrőlSmart tractor, maize drone – technologies yet hard to imagine are now within an arm’s reach. The question is when lawmakers...

Production Trend

 Amores UAV rendszerekrőlA „fedélzetilegénység-mentes” légi járművek rohamosan fejlődő piaca egyszer akár a magyar gazdaság húzóágazatává is válhat.


Company data

Research & development of mobile robotics technologies and products
Address: Bizalom Zrt. 2 Asztalos Sándor út, Budapest, Hungary H-1087

Customer service

For questions concerning our Products, sales or general enquiries, please call us: Weekdays 9.00 am to 4.00 pm
+36 (30) 334-52-15

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